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Welcome to Thai Thai III

Consistent quality for almost 2 decades!

About Thai Thai III

Thai Thai III has been serving Cape Canaveral for over 17 years. Originally from Thailand, the owner oversees the authentic Thai cooks that make the most incredible Thai and Japanese dishes in the area. But don't believe us, ask Scott Joseph, esteemed Restaurant Critic for the Orlando Sentinel.

Scott said, "TT III is the Cape Canaveral location of a Melbourne Thai and sushi restaurant." (Not really, they are sisters, just all awesome!) Okay back to Scott, "While most restaurants that feature these two cuisines often specialize in the former and simply tack on the latter. Thai Thai gives equal shrift to both, which causes one to wonder why they didn't name the restaurant Thai-Japanese.

And here's a surprise: I actually think the sushi here might be a little better than the Thai dishes, although I liked both just fine. But I can't remember when I had a piece of nigirizushi as fresh-tasting and tender as the white tuna I tasted recently. This opalescent silver of fish was merely cool, not cold, and fairly disintegrated in the mouth, no chewing required. And it was properly packed on its pad of sushi rice so that when I flipped it over to dip in the soy sauce it stayed put." Scott Joseph, Sentinel Restaurant Critic

Thanks Scott! No matter what you are in the mood for, come in, carry out, give it a try!